Science & Technology

  • Geophyscial Methods of Groundwater Exploration.
    Dr. N. J. Pawar
  • Eco-system Lecture Series
  • Pericyclic Reactions Lecture Series
  • Innovative Approaches in Natural Product Drug Discovery -Winter school Sessions
  • Basic Concepts in Probability Theory Lecture Series
  • Machine Learning Session 1
    Prof. (Dr.) Aditya Abhyankar
  • Interpretation of Wave function in Quantum Mechanics
    Prof. Dr. Rajeev K. Pathak
  • Modern Algebra Lecture Series
  • Lectures Series on Lie Algebra
  • Electronic Systems and Sensors for SMART APPLICATIONS
    Dr. A.D.Shaligram
  • Multi-Resolution Analysis
    Prof. (Dr.) Aditya Abhyankar
  • Environmental Pathways to Health Series
  • Public Health School of SP Pune University
    Dr.Smt. Anita Kar

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