Dr Sunil Gairola

Health Science

7843 Views Vaccines and Biologics Approach Session 2

This Session aims at highlighting the ongoing revolution in biomedical research and development,and its transition from disease- and target- centric approaches to person- and phenotype- centric therapeutic solutions. This Winter School brings the unique opportunity to learn from master scientists from academia and industry. This Winter School will be useful for masters students of Life sciences,Health Sciences,AYUSH,Medical and Pharmaceutical sciences

Dr Sunil Gairola

Technical experience in quality control of vaccines,adjuvant development

Director of Quality Control at Serum Institute of India Ltd. He has 30 years of technical experience in quality control of vaccines,adjuvant development,and managing quality control-related activities,and has significantly contributed towards the development and calibration of National Reference Standards for Vaccines and Antisera. He has been a collaborator on many international initiatives of WHO,NVI,NIBSC,EDQM,and PATH,aimed at the harmonization of regulatory requirements,the establishment of international standards,and the development of quality control release assays for immunobiologicals. He is a member of,and a panellist on,the Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission,and the United States Pharmacopeia.


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