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5838 Views Genomics and Molecular Biotechnology - Lecture 4

About 15 years ago,the first draft sequence of human genome became available. Subsequently, genomes of hundreds of microbial,plant and animal species have so far been sequenced,annotated and characterized. This genome revolution has opened up novel avenues in agricultural and medical biotechnology that were unavailable and even unthinkable before. In this course,the technical advances needed for this explosion of information will be reviewed. The knowledge gained from using such approaches will be discussed along with ethical,legal and social wisdom one needs to understand implications and applications of genomics in our day-to-day life. In order to take advantage of all these advances;scientists,teachers,students and lay people should be well versed with the possibilities offered by genomics and molecular biotechnology. All this information is vital for our survival in this century. The highly debatable issues like GMOs,personalized medicine,human cloning,and gene therapy will be discussed at length to provide insights into global understanding of current hot issues in life sciences.

Prof. Chandrashekhar Joshi

Chairman of the Biological Sciences Department

Professor of plant Molecular Genetics at Michigan Technological University,is a leading plant biotechnologist. He is working towards deciphering the process of biosynthesis of cell walls in bioenergy trees such as poplars Dr. Joshi has recently served as the Director of a 40-faculty strong Biotechnology Research Center and also was the Director of Graduate Programs at School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science.


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