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6184 Views Soft Functional Materials from Bile Salts

Functional molecular gels are being increasingly investigated owing to their potential applications in various fields such as biomaterials,sensing,optoelectronics etc. Among many known gelators,bile acid derivatives are known to form selfassembled fibrillar networks (SAFINs),eventually leading to the immobilization of solvent molecules around them.
During the past few years we have developed a variety of gels from bile acid derivatives,and with metal salts derived from them. This lecture will start with an introduction to soft,gel-like materials and their applications in various fields. Our own work on the use of these novel soft materials for the design of luminescent hydrogels,and drug and enzyme sensors will also be highlighted.

Professor Uday Maitra

Professor,Department of Organic Chemistry,Indian Institute of Science Bangalore,India

Professor Uday Maitra After his BSc from Presidency College,Calcutta and MSc from IIT Kanpur,Uday Maitra got his PhD from Columbia University in 1986 working with Prof. Ronald Breslow. Following a postdoctoral stay at the University of California at Berkeley with Prof. Paul Bartlett,he returned to India,and after a year at IIT Kanpur moved to IISc Bangalore in 1989. His research interests are in the Chemistry of Bile acids;Hydrogels, Metallohydrogels and Organogels;Organic-inorganic hybrid materials;Enzyme sensing,etc. He is among the first in India to initiate detailed studies on small molecule derived gels which are an important class of soft materials. Very recently his group has developed a general strategy for low cost,paper based photo-luminescent enzyme sensors.


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