Dr. Shrikant Joshi
Whither L? Putting the L back in NLP

Duration :1:43:46
Dr. Shrikant Joshi

Modelling and Simulation

5154 Views Whither L? Putting the L back in NLP

NLP (Natural Language Processing),along with AI,ML and DL,is among the current industry buzzwords. Is there,however,enough of "L" in NLP? What is the role of Linguistics in NLP? How would the study of Linguistics benefit NLP? Rule based approach vs. data driven approach? Is there a balance? Should there be a balance? What happens and what should happen? These are some of the questions that will be addressed in this seminar. It will give an overview of the current applications,trends and more importantly their basis or the theoretical background in Linguistics,on which they are founded (but acknowledge it only hesitatingly).

Dr. Shrikant Joshi

Dr. Shrikant Joshi holds a PhD in Linguistics from Université de Lausanne,with doctoral research focusing on the semantics of affixation,its formalisation and subsequent computational processing. He has a BE in Electronics Engineering and an MA in French from University of Pune. In parallel to his sixteen-year career in the software industry,he has considerable experience in academics as a visiting lecturer. At the University of Pune,he has been teaching courses in NLP at the Department of Technology and courses in French and German Linguistics at the Department of Foreign Languages. He is currently teaching a course in General Linguistics at the Department of Japanese at Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth,Pune. Currently,he is associated with the Semantic Web Company GmbH,Vienna,Austria,and carries out research in NLP.


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