Professor Rohini M. Godbole


4211 Views Heart of Matter

SCIENCE CLUB DISTINGUISHED LECTURE SERIES,SPPU The path towards the discovery of the fundamental constituents of matter,beginning from the Greeks to the present,will be traced as we are celebrating the discovery of the Higgs Boson,the last piece of the particle puzzle. How the methods which have discovered structures at various distance scales,beginning from chemical elements at the time of Mendeleev,to the quarks and leptons of today,are essentially the same will be evidenced. Our current understanding of the elementary particles and the fundamental interactions among them:viz. the Standard Model (SM) of Particle Physics will be discussed. The Higgs discovery which is the ultimate validation of the SM will be briefly explained.

Professor Rohini M. Godbole


Professor at Centre for High Energy Physics,Indian Institute of Science,Bangalore,India



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