Prof. Satyajit Rath

Modelling and Simulation

4297 Views Differences between ‘science’ and ‘scientific temper’

Students of science learn about the methods of science and practice them. They function within the professional consensus that their careers depend on productive engagement with the idea of ‘science’. Yet,in the larger social communities that they come from,both they and their fellow-citizens live everyday lives that are frequently at odds with both the ideas and the methods of ‘science’. Perhaps as a result,the insistence of the constitution of India on the development of ‘scientific temper’ appears to be distinct from the professional concerns of scientists and academics. How do these two sets of ideas,one about the practice of ‘science’,and the other about the practice of a ’scientific temper’,intersect with each other? The talk will think aloud about these issues,and will try to make arguments about the basis of the convergence as well as about the factors that lead to apparent divergence between ‘science’ and ‘scientific temper’.

Prof. Satyajit Rath

Adjunct faculty,Biology Dept,IISER Pune


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